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Honne means truth. It describes the authentic believing and feeling, which we bear within ourselves, only to be shared with our beloved ones. Honne grows with our experiences and makes us grow, overshadowing our public persona — authenticity versus façade, light becoming shade. Honne inscribes truth and friendship, purity and love.

Honne is our idealistic view, a dream without limits, created within our own freedom, enabling the self-realization of our sovereign soul. Breathing within our body, honne is shaped by and shaping ourselves, existing beyond the limits of time and space. We all can be honne – curators of our own muse, an artist, a freed anima. Honne is unique, eclectic and pure. It means resistance against our environment. Honne accompanies us on our way through history, conscious of the inner self and its protection. Like a feminine warrior, Artemis, the goddess of war, she guards us and prepares us for our future destiny, forming our strength for the path to ourselves, to our unique style, to our aura.

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La Coruña

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